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We buy catalysts in any form, wholesale or retail from individuals or legal entities. What interests us is their content, platinum, palladium and rhodium, substances that are recoverable at the end of a catalyst's life cycle.

About our company

Autokat is a company with experience in the field of catalytic converters. Our people have been active in this area, are hard-working and responsible with the impact they have on the environment.

By its nature, catalysts have the role of reducing harmful engine emissions. And we set out to buy catalysts for their content, for the substances inside: platinum, palladium and rhodium. Thus we manage to recycle catalysts and conserve the natural resources of the planet, becoming aware of their risk.

We collaborate with any company, regardless of its size, but also with individuals. Thus anyone who is willing, cannot contact to increase their financial return.

Autokat Values

Throughout the entire purchasing process, the values ​​that define us are: professionalism, responsibility and proactivity, because we want to make a difference in the future and we consider that every action contributes in a positive way, regardless of the small impact the current results have. We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure a high efficiency of the recycling process, so it will take place in the safest conditions to take care of our planet.

Become a partner!

Do you have a car service or dismantling service and want to earn an additional income? We buy catalytic converters, it doesn't matter their condition, we hope you contact us to estimate the value of the part together! Choose to collaborate with a reliable partner!

Become a partner!

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