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We buy any catalyst, but the price is formed, taking into account several factors:
a) catalyst code
b) the stock price
c) content
We buy any catalytic converter, in any form, regardless of model/engine and year. But at the time of delivery, it must meet the following conditions: the catalyst must not contain water or any other liquid the catalyst must not be mixed with hazardous waste
The price depends on several factors:
the amount of content
the price of metals
The most expensive catalytic converters have petrol or methane cars that have a good ECO accreditation. You can find out what these cars are by contacting us!
You can contact us through email officeautokatrecycling@gmail.com or calling at: +40 736 799 269 sau +40 744 881 233

For any question, we invite you to write to us, filling out the form below. An Autokat representative will contact you as soon as possible!

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